Lips of Children and Infants


Recently I had the pleasure of taking my 13 month old grandson to church. Me (Nana) and my husband (Papa) and my daughter, his Aunt Sarah, strolled into church so proud to be carrying Nolan. The infamous Nolan, the one of whom most of our church friends had heard about but had never met. I didn’t know what to expect of this little boy on this his first time ever in church. I thought he might act a bit shy with all the new faces and there was the chance he might be downright grouchy as it was exactly his nap time and he was going to miss his nap.

We walked into the church and people began to come up and greet us and Nolan. He was so sweet. He smiled and waved at anyone who looked at him and acted truly happy to be there. The plan was  to take him into the worship service and before the sermon  he would go into the nursery. At that time Sarah would to take him to the nursery and stay with him so he wouldn’t be afraid. I  felt like he should be exposed to a worship service but if he was fussy we would take him right to the nursery.

We walked into the sanctuary of our church which is held in a very old and beautiful church building. Nolan loved looking up at the high ceiling and pointing at everything, the lights the large wooden beams, the balcony. He was taking it all in. As he examined every aspect of the sanctuary he would look at me and smile as if to say “I like this place”. He was one happy boy and that was obvious.

Then the music started and his eyes opened so wide and his face beamed with delight. He threw his hands in the air and let out a little squeal. As the music continued I held him and bounced back and forth to the catchy beat and he began to sing. He couldn’t sing the words as he is a year old but he sang his own made up words and they were so sweet. He sang loud and he sang quiet he raised his hands and put them down and even decided to clap his hands having to put down his Match Box car to do it. No one else was clapping, just Nolan. When a lull came between songs he would say “Uh Oh” and I would reassure him that more music was coming. Everyone sitting near us had fun watching this baby enjoying himself. I don’t know if anyone in the service that day had a better time praising the Lord than Nolan. I could hardly contain my emotions and my daughter didn’t, as the tears flowed. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like it.

After worship Nolan went into the nursery and had a wonderful time playing with the other children. After church in the fellowship hall he once again smiled at everyone, had some peanut butter crackers and thoroughly enjoyed himself. It was an amazing day. I will most definitely never forget taking my grandson to church the first time.

Matthew 21:16 …”From the lips of children and infants you, Lord, have called forth your praise”.



Choose a Thankful Heart

Autumn trees


Today as I sat in my prayer chair writing in my journal, which is my usual morning activity, I found myself writing a list of all the blessings in my life. I have to admit that mostly I write about the things I wish were different in fact I kind of complain a lot in my journal. I pains me to admit that but I do. But today the Holy Spirit just flooded my soul with all that I have to be thankful for and I started writing. Interestingly enough after I was done writing I opened by devotional to the reading for the day and it talked about the importance of remembering all that God has done for us. I’m quite sure that was no accident. It provoked me to take captive my thoughts which so often want to think over things that I have no control over and sort out how the issues that bother me could be changed. Instead I’m going to start writing down something that I have to be thankful for every day for a year. I want a thankful heart. I don’t want to be a journaling complainer anymore. LOL A change like that has to be made on purpose. It won’t just happen.
As we head into the holiday season with all the busyness it brings we can get so distracted with all the stuff we have to do. Thanksgiving is only a week away and sadly we seem to concentrate more on the turkey than being thankful. The thankful part of Thanksgiving often gets about 5 minutes before we pray over the food when each person says what they are thankful for. I know we hear this stuff every year about this time. But if we actually take the time to be thankful all year long we won’t have to work so hard on it at this time of year. I know I don’t want to go through another holiday season rushed and a bit aggravated. I want to be thankful and appreciate all the good things in my life when so many people have so much less then I. I’m going to choose to have a thankful heart all year. How about you?

Respond in love or not at all.

leaves with watermark

It concerns me how social media has made people think that their opinion on everything is so important that it must be posted, especially when I see Christians doing this. Lately I’ve seen instances where Christians are attacking other Christians, Godly teachers, evangelists etc… on social media because they don’t agree with something they said or did. Some pretty unkind things were said. Where is the love? Where is the honor? If someone is an anointed preacher or teacher of the word or a brother or sister in Christ where do I get the right to attack their actions or point of view? We are supposed to love and pray for each other. Neither you or I are appointed to be the Holy Spirit to anyone. He’s quite capable of doing his job himself. The only reason to confront someone’s beliefs is if the Lord specifically tells us to and then it better be kind and in love. In each instance where peoples feathers got ruffled by a post on Facebook I agreed with the one who made the post and was getting attacked. I may have a wrong point of  view, but attacking words from other Christians would never be what convinces me that I am and I doubt those attacked were convinced either. A word from the Lord would though or a loving word from a kind saint of God would cause me to readjust my thinking. So many of the harsh words I’ve seen were from people who clearly never even studied out the topic that they thought they knew so much about.  They just had an opinion and wanted it out there.

Jesus said in John 13:34-35  A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another; as I have loved you, that you also love one another. By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.” This goes for all of us. If we love each other we will be kind and the world will see Jesus in us. Social media is no place for the world to witness Christians not acting in love. If something is posted that we don’t agree with we can just keep it to ourselves. I would rather not  post at all than to cause  a non-Christian to see me not acting in love and wonder if Jesus is like me. Their eternity is far more important than my opinion on any subject. Don’t you agree?



Delight in the Lord



We all love the verse Psalm 37:4- Delight yourself also in the Lord and He shall give you the desires of your heart. No doubt it’s a great verse. I’ve always taught that it is a two fold verse in that God will give you the desires He wants you to have and He will give you the manifestation of those desires. And that is true. But in studying that verse I have also discovered another interesting thing about it. The word delight in this verse in the Hebrew means to be soft or pliable. It means to be like clay in the masters hands allowing Him to shape and mold you. Let the Father mold your desires. Ask Him what He wants you to have and do. Believe me His desires for you are far better than ours. Every time I do that I realize that He wants something for me that I would never have thought of, because He knows me better than I know myself. That is so comforting to me. 

This has happened in my life in big and small ways. One example of a blessing He wanted for me was the puppy in the picture above. Her name is Gracie. He even told me what to name her. I had two cats die within a few weeks of each other and my dog was old and sick. That caused me to be brokenhearted, but didn’t want another pet and I made that known to my family…until I asked the Lord to help me and put His desires in my heart. Then within a couple days I saw this face online and I knew she was mine. My kids ended up buying her for my birthday. Only God could orchestrate getting her to me when she was born hundreds of miles away. But He is the master of moving things where they need to be when we trust Him. Gracie has brought me so much joy and only God knew that she would heal my heart. But if I hadn’t yielded my heart to Him and let Him mold my desires I wouldn’t have her. 
This may seem like an insignificant thing but when your heart is broken for whatever reason you become pretty ineffective for the kingdom of God and I was. So I think it’s a big thing. Is there any place in your life where you are not allowing the Lord to mold your desires? He would like to and you would be so much better off.

My Granny’s Bible

I read a question the other day that was something like this – When you have passed away and they see your bible will anyone be able to tell that you read it?  That question made me think of one of my prize possessions, my granny’s bible.  When she passed away a number of years ago my Aunt gave it to me. I love it so much. As you can see from the picture above she read her bible all the time. There is writing all through it and the pages are so worn that some of the words are even gone from the edges, rubbed right off by a woman hungry to know her Lord. My granny lived about 5 hours away from me as I grew up and we were only able to go see her a few days at a time a couple times a year. But when we stayed with her she was always up early and when I got up she was always reading her Bible. She never neglected it. She loved the Lord and His word and it was obvious. We had a wonderful relationship and many great conversations about the Lord. She was a sweet, loving, fun granny and I can hardly wait to see her again in heaven. 
I am so blessed to have that kind of a heritage of faith. It has always made me want to leave a strong heritage of faith for my children and the generations to come after me. What about you? You may not have Godly parents or grandparents but you can start right now with your generation. Start a new trend. From this time on your branch of the family tree can be a Godly one. Of course you can tell them about the Lord but also your life should be an example of Godly character. You won’t be perfect but always growing towards Jesus. Loving the Lord and people are great ways to be an example to your family. Another example is to let them see you go to church and read God’s Word and be obedient to what you’ve read. You don’t have to make a show of it, just be real and not ashamed of your Lord or your bible. Your family should know how precious it is to you. So I’ll ask you the same question.When you have passed away and they see your bible will anyone be able to tell that you read it? 

Let Your Light Shine


Last night at our women’s meeting at church we talked about being driven by eternity. It made all of us think about our lives and what we can do to make sure other people will spend eternity with Jesus. Sometimes we will need to pray earnestly and faithfully that the right person would come into our loved ones life and lead them to the Lord because we know they won’t hear us. But other times we will be the one someone else has prayed for to speak to their loved one about the Lord. Sometimes we may affect people just by our smile, helping hand or word of encouragement. All these things are letting our light shine before men. It’s all about being obedient to the Lord in whatever he tells you to do. No matter how big or small a task God knows the significance of it and how it will affect someone else’s life and ultimately change where they spend eternity. God does not expect us to change who we are or become some annoying weirdo. LOL But He does expect us to use the gifts, talents and personality He gave us to shine for Him. God loves people, they are the most important thing to God and should be to us. All the stuff we can acquire, titles we can amass or popularity we get will never mean anything in the scope of eternity. The time we spend on this earth is short. Eternity is long. And what we do here on earth is the decider of how we spend eternity. If we know that we will spend it with the Lord because we have accepted Him as our savior shouldn’t we make sure that we take as many people with us as we can?

Steadfast? Really

Steadfast, it’s not a word we use much. But the Bible does. It means to be fixed in a purpose or direction, unwavering. A great synonym for steadfast is constant. We understand constant. We don’t necessarily like it but we understand it. I think being constant in this world of instant gratification can be pretty hard. 



It seems like the Lord is always teaching me a lesson in being constant or steadfast. I told you in my first blog post that I was going to a Diabetic Preparedness Program to learn how to eat and exercise to lose weight. The point is to help us not to get type 2 diabetes. We weigh in every week to check our progress. Most of the people in the class were losing weigh right from the get-go, but not me. I didn’t say much but my insides would be in knots as I had worked so hard to do the program correctly and exercise only to be disappointed. Week after week one particular woman would lose weight and would actually be upset if she only lost one pound and I would have a party if I lost a pound. LOL I would lose a pound one week then gain a half the next then lose a quarter the next week then gain a pound the next. It was so frustrating. I wasn’t getting anywhere and yet working so hard. I admit I had a cry or two. I thought maybe I should just quit, maybe this just wasn’t going to work for me. I prayed about it and felt that familiar pull inside my heart to stay constant, just keep doing what I started. Then all of a sudden after about 11 weeks of this I started losing weight 2 or 3 pounds a week. I’m definitely not where I want to be yet but at least I’m on my way now. Staying steadfast is finally paying off.


The Lord wants us to learn to be constant in doing right. This can be hard when we live in a world that has no idea how to stay constant. If people don’t have everything the way they want right now then it’s time to change. People including Christians change spouses, jobs, churches etc. pretty quickly when they don’t meet their expectations. I’m not saying that change is wrong because it’s not when the Lord is leading it. But we have to be careful not to slip into the worlds way of thinking when the Lord says “I want you to see this through, and stick with it”. As I said it can be hard but the Holy Spirit is right here with us to help and guide us if we will just remember to ask Him to. The Lord works this way in my life a lot. He has taught me to stay steadfast in so many parts of my life. I can’t say it’s been fun or that I’ve always done it right but I’m learning to trust Him through the long haul and look to Him for strength when I’d like to quit or give up. 
How about you? Have you had a hard time staying steadfast in certain parts of your life? Is the Lord working steadfastness in you too?